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July Zoom on Midway Atoll - July 14th

The July 14th Virtual Presentation "Midway Atoll Annual Albatross Nesting Census and Other News from Midway Atoll" by Jan Loomis is now available for viewing at the following link:

IMG 1909 2  Preregistration is required and is limited to 100 attendees. Please only one registrant per household. After you register, you will receive an email with the link to sign in at the time of the Zoom presentation. Questions? Contact Carla Helm at

Note: No distribution or duplication of this video is allowed, and is for personal use only unless express permission is granted by the author,

Author's Note: Much of the history of the Northwest Hawaiian Islands (NWHI) is about western explorers and World Wars. Together with NOAA, US Fish and Wildlife and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, the important native history of these islands must be remembered and valued. The video recording you are about to hear does not include this very important part of the history of the islands. And entire talk could easily be given regarding the early native history of the Hawaiian Archipelago. - Jan Loomis 18 July 2020



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