HeatedFeeder smallWhat the well-dressed hummingbird feeder is wearing this winter, and my resident hummers must have spread the word to every other hummer in the neighborhood that the food doesn’t freeze at my house!  I am still working full-time, so I jealously guard those mornings that I don’t have to be up before the chickens (and hummers) so no worries when the nighttime temperatures dip below freezing and I don’t need to bring the feeder inside.  For the upcoming winter days when a bitter cold snap leaves temps below freezing during the day, the little birds will have a constant supply of warm food.  I purchased this one online from Hummers Heated Delight ( and am very happy with the feeder and the company’s customer service.  It performed perfectly during the cold spell a couple of weeks ago and I’ll be plugging it in when the next cold spell arrives!