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Adult Education

Jewels in the Garden 

 anna male ann




Anna’s Hummingbird

Darting through our gardens, hummingbirds never cease to amaze us.  These little stunt fliers can fly forward, backward, hover and even fly upside-down as they visits plants and flowers in our gardens. What do hummingbirds eat that provides energy for all their aerobatics activities? Learn about the mysteries and wonders of hummingbirds and what plants attract them to our gardens.  Presented by Skagit Audubon Society.

Four Seasons of the Hummingbird






White Eared Hummingbird

The Skagit Audubon Society will present a program about hummingbird and how to attract them to your garden. The program covers garden design and plants that are magnet for these  beautiful birds  through-out the year.  Also, learn about the care and maintenance of feeders, correct feeding solutions and placement in the garden.


Winter Birds of the Salish Sea

Dunlin 3 





This is a multi part presentation about the Salish Sea; it exams the history and current boundaries of the Sea.  The presentation discusses the IBAs (Important Birding Areas) in the Sea, what they are and their importance to migratory birds.  Finally it looks at the diversity of the wintering sea birds. Presented by Skagit Audubon Society.

Owls – Birds of the Night

barred owl baby and adut 





Barred Owls

For thousands of years myths and legends have surrounded owls:  are they symbols of good fortune and wisdom or harbingers of death?  The Skagit Audubon Society will present an in-depth program about these unique and sometimes mysterious birds of the night . The program will explore what makes an owl and owl, and their special adaptations for hunting at night.  In Puget Sound there are nine regularly occurring owls.  In the second half of the program will take a look at these owls which are more likely to be heard than seen. Presented by Skagit Audubon Society.


 Birds in the Garden

robin feeding 






American Robin

Looking out your window you see a bright yellow bird in a tree and asked yourself what is that bird.  In this program we review the basic steps to identifying your mystery bird.  Using Power Point slide show presentation we use photos and the bird calls to identify the common garden birds in the garden. Presented by Skagit Audubon Society.

Specialty program for Visually or Hearing Impaired





Mounted Peregrine Falcon

Skagit Audubon Society has a program especially designed for visually or hearing impair adults.  This program provides an overview of the evolution of birds from the small carnivorous dinosaurs to modern day birds.   Physical characteristics of birds are discussed as important tools to identification of birds.  A variety of mounted birds are on display to help with visual identification of birds. The program uses recordings of various birds’ calls and songs to also help with auditory identification of birds in the wild.  



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