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President's Message - June 2022

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE – Greetings friends and members of Skagit Audubon:

Well, here it is, my last President’s message.  When I first agreed to do this job, three years ago already, I was pretty nervous about it.  I’m not the best birder in the club, I didn’t know very many members and I didn’t know much about doing the job.  Some board members said not to worry; they had done it before and would be willing to help.  And thank goodness they did.

Your Board of Directors over the last three years has been outstanding.  We have accomplished a lot under challenging circumstances and are a better Chapter for it.  John Farnsworth reported at the last member meeting that many of the smaller chapters, similar to ours, have pulled back while we have continued to have presentations, membership gains and generous contributions from people like you.  We have given out quite a few scholarships to deserving students and continued on with our education programs.  Joan Melcher’s hiking groups continue to draw a lot of hikers every month.  And let’s not forget about the wonderful programs that Carla Helm has set up, with good suggestions from other board members helping out.  I could go on…

The bottom line is that it has been my absolute privilege to sit in the President’s chair and watch it all unfold.  We don’t always agree, but we do move forward for the benefit of our membership, the community, and the resources that we cherish.  I would like to thank each and every one of you for your help and support during this time.  I have learned a lot in the process.

Now it is time to offer the same support to John Day and John Farnsworth, our incoming President and Vice President.  Some Board members have slipped away for now and we would like to thank Alice Turner, Di Hoffman, Kim Nelson, and Sheila Pera for their service.  If we are lucky they will stay involved in some of our committee work.  And thank you, the membership, for your continued support for your Board of Directors.

Thanks, and happy birding and hiking.

Jeff Osmundson



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