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President's Message - from Jeff Osmundson, May 2022

Manns By Jeff Osmundson

Greetings friends and members of Skagit Audubon:

Yay – to quote our treasurer, Neil O’Hara, “We have now entered the 21st century!”  

Thanks to Neil and a small cadre of dedicated board members, we now have two ways to avoid writing a check when making a payment or donation to Skagit Audubon.  On the home page of our website (  there is now a DONATE button with access to credit cards and PayPal.  Also, on the Membership page you will find a BuyNow button that can be used to pay your annual dues.  Neil reminds us that there are a couple of limitations.  We can only pay for one year at a time and you may have to agree to renew online.  Please be patient with our new process and let us know if it works, or maybe if there is a glitch.

I’m also pleased to share with you that another SAS member has agreed to lead a field trip.  Allison Warner has offered to lead a field trip to the upper Skagit later this year.  Please thank Allison if you get a chance. Look for field trip details in the coming newsletter. There are more opportunities to help Skagit Audubon with field trips and we can always use more leaders. 

I’m going to keep it short this month as I prepare for my first travel in two years.  I’m also looking forward to being back for spring migration.  We all hope to reconnect again soon at meetings and field trips this upcoming year.  Until then…

Thanks, and happy birding and hiking.

Jeff Osmundson, President


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