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November Meeting and Program

The Lake Yajoa Birding Blitz and Avitourism in Honduras

Presented by Jeff Osmundson and Colleen Shannon


Tuesday, November 13 ; 7:00 Social; 7:30 ProgramHummer
Padilla Bay Interpretive Center
10441 Bayview-Edison Road
Mt. Vernon, Washington


The first Lake Yajoa Birding Blitz took place in 2015 and was attended by Jim Chu, US Forest Service International Migratory Bird program, and Jeff Osmundson, alongside numerous other birders from Honduras.

In 2017 Jeff and Colleen Shannon returned to Honduras to once again experience the Birding Blitz and other avitourist activities.  We will talk about our experiences in and around Lake Yajoa, Gracias Honduras and the ruins of Copan. 

Jeff and Colleen will highlight the importance of local communities, farms and young birders in both the Blitz and ongoing avitourism.  Jim Chu, if available, will help us understand the role of USAID and the US Forest Service in the Lake Yajoa region.

The goal of the Lake Yajoa Birding Blitz is to attract more birders and nature lovers to the area, provide a venue for international scientific and cultural exchange and monitor the bird life in the basin.

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