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Skagit Audubon Society (SAS) offers programs about local birds and their habitats. Our monthly meetings and field trips provide educational opportunities for our members and community guests.  The SAS Education Committee has activities, programs and displays designed for the following venues:

Youth Camps and Programs

The SAS program for camps is a fun birding experience for all ages. Programs start with an interactive bird identification demonstration. Participants are introduced to local birds, habitats, and bird behavior through games, fun activities, bird walks and/or art projects. Prior arrangements are required for these programs.


A comprehensive display board featuring local birds is the backdrop for bird skulls, feathers, eggs, talons and nests. At festivals SAS engages attendees to learn more about birds and their habitats through activities and games. Members are available to answer questions about birding in Skagit County.

State and Local Parks

Presentations, bird walks, demonstrations and various bird activities are available for all ages. Bird skulls, feathers, eggs, talons and nests can be displayed and used to engage park visitors. Demonstrations on the proper use of binoculars and scopes can be arranged.



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Classroom programs:  Grade specific information and activities are available for local schools. Bird skulls, feathers, eggs, talons and nests are incorporated into classroom presentations. Students participate in demonstrations and experiments.

School Science Nights: SAS provides a display board of local birds. There are bird skulls, nests and feathers available for participants to view. Games, activities, feather experiments and local bird experts are featured at our station.


group1  Bird walks are available for organized groups. The walk begins with a brief introduction to finding birds in different habitats. Then we review the parts of a bird and how these features are used to identify birds. During a walk the leader emphasizes birding etiquette, bird behavior, and bird sounds. Educational materials may be supplied prior to the bird walk upon request. 










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Skagit Audubon Society holds monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of each month except for the months of July and August. We meet at 7:00 pm at Padilla Bay Interpretive Center (Google map), 10441 Bayview-Edison Rd. Mount Vernon. Meetings are open to all.

The board of directors meets at the same location at 7:00 pm on the first Tuesday of each month, except for the months of July and August.

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